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Frequently Asked Questions – Apartments

On this page, you will find all frequently asked questions for apartments at North Devon Resort.  If you think of another question we have not listed here, please contact us using our form at the end of the page.

General questions about apartments

What types of apartments does North Devon Resort have?

Our distinct apartments position us among the best resorts in Ilfracombe. We offer a variety of apartments suitable for couples, small and big families. Please check apartments at our website menu for more.

How far from park facilities, are apartments located?

All our apartments are inside our resort and very close to all resort facilities.

Will there be steps into apartments?

All accommodation is accessed by steps with the exception of our wheelchair-friendly adapted accommodation and ground floor apartments found very close to our parking and complex.

Are apartments wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we have apartments close to the venue with adapted wet room bathrooms and wider doorways. There are ramps throughout.

What is the maximum number of people that can stay in 1 apartment?

The maximum number of people that can stay in one apartment is 6 people.

Do all apartments have dedicated parking?

Yes, all our apartments have private parking.

Which apartments have a sea view?

The only type of apartment that has a sea view is ‘Studio Sea View’.

Which apartments are family friendly?

All our apartments that have more than one bedroom are family-oriented apartments.

Which apartments are great for couples?

The only types of apartments that are great for couples are Studio Sea View.

Which apartments are quiet?

The resort is built in a place surrounded mostly by nature, so all apartments are very quiet. Activities and events organized in the resort are sometimes louder, therefore apartments that are further away from the main venue are noiseless than others.

Is room service included?

Room service is included, but because our park does not provide all-inclusive services, ordering at our restaurant comes with an additional price. If you want to order from our highly rated in-house Monkey Puzzle Restaurant click here.


Here is the menu: 

Is a apartment cleaning service included?

Yes, our resort provides cleaning services to your apartments when you arrive, and for longer stays, once after the fifth night.

Are bed linening and towels included?

Bed linen and towels are included in the cost of your stay in all of our accommodations. We do not provide towels for use in the pool or sauna so please make sure to bring your own.

Is there a WI-FI connection available in apartments?

Yes, the WI-FI connection is very stable at our resort. The WI-FI password will be provided at you at upon arrival.

How to contact reception team?

You can contact the reception team by calling us.

Questions about apartment policies

Which apartments are dog or pet friendly?

Yes, all our ground floor apartments are dog and pet friendly.

Are apartments safe?

Be aware that also Ilfracombe city is very safe with quite low number of incidents per year and the whole park is monitored 24/7 by cameras.


We also provide a door key at the checking to lock your apartments.


Keys are available from 4 pm for all accommodation. You will be notified prior to your arrival whether you need to pick up your keys. Please hand in your keys by 10 am on your departure day.


You are responsible for your personal possessions while in the park and we are not liable for any loss or damage to these. If you leave something behind, let us know as soon as you realize it.


We will do all we can to find it and return it but are not responsible if we are unable to do so.

Can I smoke in apartments?

Smoking is not allowed in the apartments, but you can smoke at the front of the apartment of any open space in the resort.

Questions about apartment interior and amenities

Do you provide single or double beds?

Our apartments include both single and double beds, if you book deluxe bedroom you will get a king-size double bed. If you can contact us earlier we can make arrangements for you.

Do you have business-oriented apartments?

Our special business one bedroom apartments includes working office table, office chair, coffee machine and bigger windows to bring all the natural lightning for you to have a great remote working expereince.

Is there natural lighting in the apartment?

Our apartments have windows all around to bring in all the natural lightning for you.

Do apartments include heating?

Central heating is provided in all our apartments.

What’s included in the living area of apartments?

In the living area of every apartment, you can find a TV, sofa, chairs, and a dining table.

Is there wardrobe in the bedrooms?

Most of our apartments have a big wardrobes provided for you.

Do apartments have kitchen inside?

All our apartments have a fully fitted kitchen inside.

Which kitchen utensils and equipment are included in apartment?

Our apartment kitchen is equipped with all utensils and equipments including


  • fridge
  • microwave
  • dishwasher
  • cooker
Is bathroom spacious and what does it include?

Yes, our bathrooms are quite spacious and with all the necessary utilities, including a walk-in shower.

Questions about special occasions

What if I have special request?

You can contact our reception desk by mail at:, 14 days prior to your arrival and our team will make sure to fulfill any apartment arrangement.

Can you help me with special occasion?

We look forward to celebrating your special occasion with you whilst you are on holiday. If you would like to make it extra special, you can add one of our special Celebration Packs which will be in your apartment ready for your arrival, these can be added anytime up to 2 days before you are due to arrive.

Contact us with your questions

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