Ilfracombe’s best dog-friendly park – Ilfracombe Holiday Park

Ilfracombe’s best dog-friendly park – Ilfracombe Holiday Park

When going on a family holiday, leaving your dog at home can feel like leaving behind a part of your family. Just so you know, leaving your dog alone for more than 12 hours can cause separation anxiety and your dog will feel uncomfortable with your presence after many hours alone. But we understand why most people leave their dogs alone!

According to a survey by the Dogs Trust, 78% of pet owners have experienced difficulty finding accommodation that accepts pets.

We’re very sorry to hear that! We believe that nobody should be asked to leave their dog alone at home, especially during their vacation time!

Ilfracombe’s best dog-friendly park is here for you!

Ilfracombe Holiday Park offers some of the best dog-friendly accommodations in North Devon. We make sure you won’t have to leave your furry friend at home on your next staycation! All our ground-floor apartments are dog-friendly and you can take a maximum of 2 pets with you in the apartment. Your dog can move around comfortably in all open spaces around the complex. Whereas, Registered Guide Dogs can stay with us for free and have a free run of the entire Park (including the General Manager’s Office).

We take pride in knowing that we are one of Ilfracombe’s best dog-friendly parks, so you can feel safe bringing your dog with you! But, be aware that there is a specific fee you have to pay for each dog you bring to Ilfracombe Holiday Park. Please visit our pet policies to know more about our in-house pet rules.

What about Ilfracombe and the area around it (North Devon)?

Ilfracombe is a great town with several walking trails so you can keep your pet active and happy. Exploring north devon has never been easier, Ilfracombe Holiday Park is very close to the best attractions and many amazing beaches.

Some of the dog-friendly beaches in Ilfracombe are:

Tunnels Beach

Dogs are allowed through the tunnels on a lead but not onto the beaches. If you are visiting with your dog you can still read all the history information and admire the views.

Hele Beach

Hele Bay is one of the most scenic dog-friendly beaches in North Devon. It is perfect for dogs who prefer quieter spaces to roam.

Woolacombe Beach

Dogs are welcome on the beach year-round, with some restrictions in the summer months.

Lee Bay Beach

Dogs are welcome on the beach year-round.

Sauton Sands

The beach is dog-friendly, an ideal destination for everyone.

Croyde Beach

Dogs are welcome from September to April.

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