The Tarka Trail

Inspired by the famous Henry Williamson novel Tarka the Otter, the Tarka Trail is a 180-mile route through the picturesque landscapes of Devon, England. From wooded river valleys and tranquil estuaries to dramatic coastal cliffs and beautiful beaches, The Tarka Trail provides visitors with a fantastic opportunity to explore the North Devon countryside, enjoy outdoor activities and experience the diverse wildlife in the region.

Places to visit?

The Tarka Trail attracts all kinds of adventurers, offering numerous ways to travel along the enchanting route. Walking is a popular choice, allowing visitors to breathe fresh air as they immerse themselves in the untamed beauty of Exmoor and Dartmoor national parks or stroll along the South West Coastal Path, where panoramic ocean views accompany each step. Cyclists can enjoy exhilarating journeys, pedalling through captivating landscapes on a mix of on-road and off-road sections, including the longest traffic-free cycle path in the UK. While walking and cycling are the predominant modes of exploration, the trail caters to diverse abilities and preferences with designated accessible paths and facilities. Moreover, the Tarka Line railway allows passengers to experience scenic views from the comfort of their carriage. Whatever your choice, the Tarka trail offers an unforgettable way to experience North Devon.

Ways to travel?

The northern section of the Tarka Trail promises a delightful journey through captivating towns and landscapes, immersing visitors in the scenic splendour of North Devon. You can visit the Braunton Burrows, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the picturesque village of Braunton. As you venture to the coast, the captivating seaside town of Ilfracombe awaits, boasting stunning ocean vistas and a wealth of attractions, such as the renowned Damien Hirst sculpture Verity. Exmoor National Park offers breathtaking scenery and is the perfect destination for wildlife spotting. These destinations have unique charm and attractions and are places you should visit along the Tarka Trail.

Places to stay?

Ilfracombe Holiday Park offers beautiful and affordable accommodation in the picturesque town of Ilfracombe. Ilfracombe is renowned for its bustling character, vibrant atmosphere and fascinating history. With many cafes and shops, a working harbour and direct access to the Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe is an ideal place to base yourself when visiting the Tarka trail. Ilfracombe Holiday Park is a prime location for those wishing to embark on scenic walks. You will have an enjoyable stay at Ilfracombe Holiday Park, with various apartment options, onsite activities, and excellent customer service. There is also an onsite restaurant, The Monkey Puzzle offering a varied menu for breakfast, dinner and snacks. The Tarka Trail allows you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of North Devon, discover local events, have delightful experiences and find comfortable accommodations along the way. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a cycling fanatic, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, the Tarka Trail has something to offer everyone. Book your stay at Ilfracombe Holiday Park and embark on a memorable journey along the Tarka Trail.


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